Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lesson in Accepting Invites

Well, I did not accomplish any unpacking goals today, but it was a busy day nonetheless. Started the day very relaxed with pedicures with my Mom, then ended up driving around with my younger brother since he had to do a favor for my grandmother, and she’s tough to deal with alone sometimes. By the time that was done, it was late afternoon and I was really tired. 

Scheduled the surgery for my dog, tomorrow morning. We managed to get her to eat some food- just had to make her think it came from the treat box. She’s a good, sweet dog, but not the brightest. Hopefully I can get a fecal from her tomorrow morning, and I hope the surgery goes well. And hopefully that is the issue and she feels better once its all done. 

So new plan for tomorrow is put up shelves and finish unpacking the boxes of my stuff in the garage, followed by powerwashing the deck.

Raid tonight was canceled for a few reasons. Only 5 people had responded to their raid invites, and 2 of those 5 were feeling a little crappy and tired of Garrosh, so today turned into a lesson on accepting calendar invites. Whoo. That is something that bugs me so much- it takes 2 seconds to accept, I put them up usually during the first raid of the week, so for those who only log on to raid, it’s there when you are on during raids. And people still don’t accept. I am not expecting much of an effect, truthfully.

But anyway, hopefully we’ll kill him Friday and be done. There was talk of a fresh run, cause people are getting tired of Garrosh. I am hoping we just kill him. I want it done. 

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