Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Break

Yeah, long time without an update. I am back in the States for the summer, and being home has been distracting. Had some housework to do (and had a screaming argument with my brother- ain't family just grand sometimes?) But I am a quarter of the way through vet school now.

On the WoW front we finished out HoF and have been wiping on Horridon. We tried 2-healing it pretty successfully (though I think our druid and pally or priest would be a better team than my monk and our pally) and I hae hope that we will down him this week when we have our regular crew back.

More on all that later. Just felt I should update after trying Navime's Moving House Giveaway. Boy, that was tough, only found 9 of the 16. Partly becuase I started late, and didn't go through methodically like I had planned. Oh well, grats to the winners! Awesome job on Navi's part with the hidden clues.

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