Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm a Zookeeper!

So the top news for the week: I got the Zookeeper title, yay! As a vet student, I was looking forward to that title a lot. Only took 3 days of on and off camping, with several other people, to get it. Everyone was very polite, it was nice to chat with other pet collectors. My boyfriend flew up and got his in about 2 minutes :P, but it only took me a half an hour to get a minfernal, so I can't really complain. Next stop: soloing Kara on everyone who can to get the pet from the last boss. Doing the chess event 6 times, ugh. Not fun. But that pet and the one from Al'ar are the only 2 I am missing for raiding with leashes: part 2.

Got my ICC25 meta last week. There were some issues and the BF missed the one part he needed, which was very annoying. We'll have to look on open raid to find one next week. I really want the heroic LK kill, which we didn't do last night. Couldn't get the coordination down with the folks we had, very annoying, but I had the achieves for the meta from an earlier run.

BF got the DK to 90, so now we can duo the warbringers when he gets some gear. That's the hope, anyway. So that's one thing down. My shaman hit 90, I bought flying and haven't been back on her since. I am getting tired of gearing up toons I know I won't raid with. My rogue, mage, druid, and priest are all on the list before her anyway, so she might rest in the Vale for a bit.

In non-WoW news, my three dogs are very happy with the bag of tennis balls I brought home yesterday, and have been running around the house making a nuisance of themselves to show it.

So goal for today is Kara, and running the DK through LFR. We'll see where we end up tomorrow. No progress on Horridon. Hopefully more to report Wednesday there.

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