Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Server Maintenance

It's that time again, servers are down and I can't start my weekly LFR runs. So I figured I would list my goals for the week, and hope I can knock them out quickly.

-run the monk through the last 2 ToT LFRs for legendary quest drops
-run the druid through ToT LFRs for her legendary quest drops
-remember the priest does not need to do the legendary stuff, just get sha crystals for enchanting, and run through some of the earlier LFRs
-(probably run the priest through ToT LFRs anyway)
-level my shaman that last bit to 90 so my boyfriend's DK can hit 90 too
-gear up his DK as quickly as possible so he can come tank for our raids, our second tank an go back to healing, our second druid healer can go back to boomkin, and our hunter can put his sporebat away for a while
-run the Raiding with Leashes- part 2 raids and hope the Eye is kinder to us this time
-get bored and run all my alts through Kara to get to the last boss (and the final pet I need) since I learned to solo chess following this helpful guide

And once all that is done, probably time to level the hunter to 90. Stuck at 60 since I plopped her in Winterspring to finish the mount quest. Only took twice as long as it should since I kept forgetting that daily. I might set the shaman up to heal, give that a shot. I love my mistweaver healing, but sometimes I think I forget how to just heal and not "cheat heal" through DPS and smart heals. Plus, then me and our tree wouldn't be competing for the same armor and the int mail won't go to waste. Of course if that was what I am worried about I'd level a pally and heal since our pally healer has been DK tanking for the last few months.

But for this week- I hope we get horridon down, and he drops that staff (and pet and mount) and that I win the roll above all the others who will want it. I have the perfect transmog for it.

So there is my goals for the week. I'll come back to those next week and see if I was successful.

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