Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I've Been Up To

So, as the new patch looms over us, I figured I’d recap what I’ve been up to and what my plans before the expansion are. This is exciting for me, I’ve never played to the end of an expansion like this. I did start in Wrath, and played in Cata, but I stopped in both before the last raid tier had been released. Preparing for the next expansion is something completely new for me.

I finally managed to get Proven Healer. All together, I am guessing I’ve spent about four hours trying. It was in spurts. I’d get to 28 or 29, screw up and go pout. I finished it this weekend. I did not get Brawler’s guild. If I had known about mouselook earlier, I probably would have finished it months ago. As it was, I hit Hexos and stopped. I play on a laptop. I did not have a mouse at all, until I bought one I ended up not using for Hexos. Managed to get him down Sunday, but with the time I spent helping people with CMs I did not have enough time to finish the Brawler’s guild and get enough sleep to be functional in surgery this morning.  

Oh, surgery- I was anesthetist today. I think it went pretty well. Our dog (who turns out to be from the same family as our neuter) did not want to go down with her premeds, but took a long time to be what I considered sufficiently recovered enough to leave her alone. We did have one rough moment where she needed a bit more propofol to help keep her comfortably under, but otherwise she was nice. No hypotensive issues once they started cutting, she was the smallest dog so she had a fluid pump and the calculations for that were super easy. And at last check she was looking good.

And back to things I didn’t do: we never tried realm best times. Makes me a little sad, I was looking forward to trying.  I don’t know if we’d’ve managed one, but I think it would have been fun to try. And if we did manage, the title was pretty neat. Our tank/healer/DPS/whatever we needed him to do did not manage to get his rogue’s CMs done. I tried, but unfortunately he’s our best tank. What I learned from that: don’t go with sub-par tanks, you won’t get things done. I am also left never wanting to schedule anything ever again. Except these achievement runs, and I’m already thinking about future CMs, and raiding in WoD, and so many other things. 

I said several times I was done scheduling things for other people, but I kept going back and trying again. I have a short memory and a tendency to forget how bad things really were that keeps me going back.

I’ve been making plans to prepare for WoD. So far all I’ve got is make sure I clear the crap I tend to hang on to out of my bags and bank, and get good bags for everyone. I think my poor tailor still has netherweave bags in her bank slots. If I have time, I’d like to finish achievements for MoP raids, but I have a feeling I’ll be back at level 100. 

I’ve logged on a few toons to collect my JP/Valor gold, I was curious how much I’d get. So far, 11k with 2 toons to go. After spending all my JP on two toons for Wrath rep tokens. I saw my poor gnome and hated her face, went immediately to the barber shop only to end up with the exact same look. I did chance my druid’s face a bit, and I am going to look at the other tauren and troll looks to see if I can find a nicer one, but I think I’ll adjust to the new models quickly. Most things look the same from the back anyway.

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