Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pretty Happy, but BUSY!

I’m excited to play WoW in a way I haven’t been for a while. I’ve had some really annoying things happening in game. My annoyance with raiding lately, some of our CM difficulties. But my monk has her set, my priest in an unusual show of luck received both drops from SoO LFR 3 I wanted (plus another trinket from Thok, just to taunt my other healers) and my mage got her shoulders. My horde shaman is not so lucky. I’ve got 3 LFRs left to try for a handful of pieces, plus some flex, if I feel up to it, but I am still missing a lot. 

Update: an AWESOME lock in our guild gave me the tier shoulders for my priest after they won the roll, since they had already won the helm. I am glad I was able to return the favor in a small way by passing on the tier legs that dropped, allowing them to win those as well. AWESOME lock. I was incredibly happy. Just like I’d had some more of the free coffee my professor brought in.

This week, we’re trying to fit in CMs where we can. I’m hopeful, this is an awesome group. I need to learn to mage better, fix some keybinds to better take advantage of shatter, but I think I am doing pretty well. I do need to go try to get a battle horn on her for SSB, but I’ll work on that. 

We did heroics again last night. Our last attempt was so disheartening, but tonight went great! We two-healed everything too. With me healing even! Which meant I had to figure out pacman, but I think I did ok. We got the first 3 down (my first Protectors heroic kill) and got Sha to 12%, but I was getting random really bad lag spikes and constantly kicked out of vent.

We made an attempt at SSB CM for one of our group. My monk was healing 2 groups, so she got it, our other friend took his rogue through with some other people so he can bring toons better able to help us. Unfortunately, we were going backwards. I’m not sure if I should ask our tank if she’s willing to go DPS just so we can get through, or not. 

I ended up asking our tank to DPS. I feel a bit bad, but she had been talking with someone who told her pallys are some of the worst for CMs. She was willing to swap, and we managed to knock them out fairly easily. I am glad it’s done.

Now I have a handful of friends who want CMs, so I am trying to get 2 groups going this weekend to start working on those. The group with my mage and my friend’s druid has been going well, with only a few nights and minimal hours, we have 3 left. Plus 1 for the tank who has missed every night, grr. If he misses thursday he’s on his own.

I think realm best times may be falling by the way side, but I will remind everyone and see if we can at least get together 1 night and give them a try. If for no other reason than I think it’d be a blast, and my mage and priest are both as well geared for it as they can get while maintaining my sanity.

I swear, when I am done with these I am throwing a “no more LFR’s” party.

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