Monday, September 1, 2014


I’ve been busy, with classes and WoW. I have my first test on Monday and my first surgery on Tuesday. Eek!! I’m nervous and excited and turning all of that into doing nothing. I am working on changing that habit and making an effort to stop, think about what will help me and do it. This means I am trying not to turn to WoW as a way to kill time, even though I keep coming up with more and more ways to do so. 

I tanked again the other night, heroic Imm then to Shamans on normal. I also talked with one of the druid healers briefly about her glyphs and a few of the weakauras I use. Hopefully she’ll give something to track things a shot, and I’ll go through logs later and see how it looks. I still have to practice brewmaster and get better at using keg smash on CD, and using CDs more defensively.

I have come to the conclusion that I want to heal on my druid next expansion, rather than my monk. I’d be happy to tank on the monk, but if I am going to be healing I feel the druid or shaman will be better. Of course, this is based off of my love for druid and a few comments about the beta. We’ll see what ends up happening in November.

As far as CMs go, the original group my monk was in is still 7/9 after 2 different nights, each time spending an hour in SSB. Very irritating, since I had a discussion with the tank about the trouble I’ve been having with her. It’s gotten to the point that we’re almost backsliding and I can’t leave her alone for a second to do anything else. Everyone else in the group who knows things about pally tanking has started to ask “are you doing this or using that on CD” and trying to help. I feel like this should have been discussed earlier. But anyway, since the healer for the second group has been unable to make CMs, I ended up healing those on my monk and putting my mage to the side. That group is 8/9, so hopefully by Sunday my monk will have her set. Ideally I’d get it Friday or Saturday when we try with the first group again, but I’m not holding my breath.

Speaking of the mage, she got her shoulders this morning. I did the “I got my shoulders” song, which doesn’t come out as well in guild chat. So now all I am missing from BiS CM is the chest and ring from Ra Den and bracers from Megara that don’t have expertise. I actually tried to get a guild group together using my heroic ToT lockout. We wiped on Lei Shen so much I am turned off from trying again. Poor little mage, she’s unlikely to see Ra Den ever. So it’s just the bracers, which I will work on.

My horde shaman has not had much luck. A usable staff, I suppose. We’ll see if I can finish the rest of the LFRs for her, hopefully have some good luck. If I really feel like procrastinating or somehow feel super confident about Monday and Tuesday, I might try to pug a flex 1. Lots of stuff drops there. It’ll be nice to get a few things so I can knock LFRs off my list.

My priest has been poorly neglected, as far as CMs go. I’ll get her together a bit next week, if I can, so if I end up healing this next group I can do it on a new toon rather than my monk again. Not that I don’t love my monk, but I kinda like the priest transmog. She’s missing the Lei Shen neck, I might have to go for the 463 neck that drops somewhere so she has something. I think I am also missing Thok gloves and Spoils chest.  Ideally I’d get BiS stuff for her, but I might just go with what I have.

Still having internet issues in class. All week, either no internet or intermittent internet. Thank goodness it is working on my dorm. We’re “paperless” so all the notes are online. And some professor post them the day of class.

Today's advice from our therio professor: “Never truest an intact male. Most people get it. Oh, of any species…”

On pigs: “They have a pecking order. Not quite as bad as vet student pecking order.”

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