Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Better

Things have been getting better. Possibly because I have cut back on my WoW time, so what time I do play I complain less. Maybe because I am trying to shut up and not vent so much. Either way, I'm happy.

WoW time has been cut back, not as drastically as I first thought. I am trying to transfer, so good grades are very important. In order to facilitate studying, I am not allowing myself to play until I have done a good amount of studying. Except on Tuesdays, so I can do ToT LFR early in the week on my 3 healers capable of queuing.

On another note, took out Nalak this morning. Kinda a let down after Oondasta. We only had 30 people, and it took less than 3 minutes. He has very few abilities, and the AoE gives you a few seconds to get out of it. No loot either but it was nice to get the kill.

Our raid got past Garalon last night. We've been killing him for a while, but it usually takes us a lot longer. I was getting really frustrated at the rogue who joined us, not cleaving onto the boss for damage even after I mentioned it twice. He was lowest on the DPS, behind even my healy monk. I feel like he must be doing something wrong there, cause even when he did use blade fury our last attempt, his damage only increased about 4k. Anyway, it was so frustrating because we had several 5% wipes while he wasn't cleaving. But we got him, yay! And would've had the next boss if someone didn't walk over 2 windbombs when he was at 35%. Ah well, we did kill all the adds, and no one died until the end. Our DK lived through that with 80% health. Makes me want to roll a DK for soloing things, but me and that class didn't really click last time I tried it. It was very frustrating. Plus my DK is an enchanter who mans my guild bank, and in the process of sending a ton of greens her way to DE, I accidentally DE'd her weapon, leaving her with only a fishing pole. Oops...

I am hopeful things will turn around. We've added a 10th to our Wed-Fri run, finally, since our last tank left. A very sweet priest/pally who can tank and heal. I think he does a wonderful job, but he always feels he needs to step it up and worries that he isn't doing well. Which is an attitude I appreciate, someone who wants to improve.

So it's been a happier healer running lately. More sleep, less WoW, more school have made for a more relaxed feeling. Except now that 11:30 end time on Wed is going to start getting to me.

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