Saturday, August 5, 2017

I'm Back! And of course, complaining

Wow, it has been some time. I have felt the urge to write, but it mostly strikes at work, and I don't want to do personal stuff on work computers. And blogging from my cell phone would likely be a pain.

Ah, work. I graduated! Full fledged veterinarian now, out and practicing for a year. I took a job with a shelter that also has a full service clinic for the public. I occasionally regret that, and occasionally really love it. I am looking for a different job due to work troubles- which may or may not end up another post. But today, this week, has been bad in work, job hunt, and WoW. With the triple whammy, I felt the urge to write my thoughts down.

The quick ones- 5 euthanasias in 3 days, the last one was an emotionally wrought emergency with a suffering dog we kept alive a bit longer than we should have in hind sight so family could get there, only to euthanize as they walked in.

Then Friday, I get notice that two of my patients have died. One expected, the other, while not directly my fault- the owners never came in for follow up care and instructions as directed, and never told me they wouldn't be able to, I still feel responsible. Because I had the option to send the cat home with a technician for care, and instead, happy the presenting people wanted to keep it instead of surrender, sent it home with them, believing they could care for it over night, and come in for further care in the morning if needed. So I indirectly killed that one.

I have been job hunting for several months, with little success. I turned down the offer from the first place I interviewed, which I think gave me false hope, since everywhere else has not worked out. Then I took a week off in September, for a few reasons, but one was to house hunt in the area where I am job hunting, believing an interview over the weekend went really well and I would get the job. House after I put the request in, was contacted and told they were not interested in hiring me.

That evening, raid time! Main tank and RL whispered me half an hour before the raid- sick, can't make it, can I run it? Sure, ok. Start raid up- we have a few guildies who like to get the Gul'dan thing. Tonight, they killed people as we zoned in. Annoyed 3 raiders (including our other tank and our strongest healer) and they just quit raid and logged. We ended up doing an alt run, unsuccessfully, with 2 alt tanks who were not geared well. Quit early. And I was pissed- at the people with the gul'dan antics, a bit, and they were talked to. At the people who up and quit without discussing any issues prior, I was furious. They said, later, the problems had been going on for weeks unaddressed- well, yeah, if no one tells me there's a problem, I don't address it. Leaving mid raid without comment was NOT the way I would have liked that handled. They wasted 15 people's time because they were annoyed at 2 people.

Still working out the raid situation.
I have amazing colleagues- posted about job woes and stress and had some instant responses. 
And I have new hope after getting a full night's sleep that next week will be much better.

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