Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Always Drama

As I write that, I realize there is no drama but what I am making it out to be. And in 2 weeks, there absolutely should not be an issue.

I have led the second raid team, the open, everyone can come if you can meet the minimum level requirement, group, for oh, since the end of SoO. I had planned on starting it the week after raids start, when LFR releases. I usually se the minimum level to be what LFR drops, so it makes sense. Plus, people can practice in LFR, which a lot of the people in that group need.

My guild leader had a short, 30 second or so conversation about it, in which it was mentioned I would do it week one if demand was high. I'd even lead a second group the first night if we had enough people.

Then a friend asks me what's going on with the group, someone else is leading it next Thursday. Another friend put up the invite for it. I talk to him and our GM asked him to do it. And I'm a little peeved at them.

The GM, for not just saying he wants me to have one, and the other guy for no good reason. I'm really only taken aback by him, I think. Out GM told him I was busy, wasn't sure about the schedule, and asked him to do it, so he did. He's a nice guy, ran mythic with me on his toon after he'd done them a few times that week. Always helps out, brings his main to bosses we need it, willing to do whatever. Super nice. So I can't be upset at him.

I guess I'm just possessive over the raid. It's my run. Been doing it a long time. Have specific things set. Was looking forward to our first night, now that I write this.

And the lack of communication really makes me want to scream. I'm already irritated by the promotion to officer of a few people. I remember one rage quiting at the end of a raid for loot issues, then not showing the next night. Others are fine people, but they do absolutely nothing outside of play the game. They don't really speak up or help out- they just raid and play their class well. Oh, they'll absolutely help if someone is told to talk to them about something to do with their class, but they don't do much else.

I guess to me officers should do something. Have a purpose. In the last guild, officers did invites and led events. Here, so many ranks can invite, officers do pretty much nothing. Occasionally remind people not to cuss.

And my rant has shifted. I've been tired, and it makes me much more irritated. I've had some tough cases, mysteries and euthanasias, super concerned people I can't comfort, good pets I feel I let suffer or am not helping enough. Plus being put in charge of an inventory that hasn't seemed to actually had inventory taken perhaps ever? Yeah, low stress.

But let's focus on good things:
-Our puppy is ADORABLE
-My druid hit 100, is gearing up, and I'm enjoying Legion
-Companion app is useful
-I have helped some patients. Super concerned owner's dog got her teeth cleaned and pulled, and she should be much more comfortable. Cat with an abscess got an appointment instead of likely ignored.

Always more I wish I could do-I wish I could give all the nervous dogs and cats some anxiety medicine. I wish I could give all the flea allergic dogs and cats good flea control. So many allergies. I wish I could talk to all our clients about all the things.

I had a sweet old lady client come in today to pick up medication, because phone tag wasn't working. Talking with her was really nice. Her dog likely has some degenerative myelopathy, which sucks, but the owner is nice. Now that I mention it, I think I had to muzzle the dog...But sweet owners.

I work at a place that will let me make changes. Which is grand. Where I can do things. Where I can talk to colleagues. I wish we had more complete records from other doctors, but I'm trying to keep mine good. I wish for a lot of things.

And tomorrow, I wish for a good day of appointments with fixable problems and animals who aren't suffering beyond what I can alleviate with treatment.

Do you know I made one old woman cry when I told her euthanizing because she couldn't treat was an acceptable thing to do? Now, treatment is preferable to me. But if your pet has a disease that is costly to treat and manage, and can cause the pet to suffer if not treated, I believe euthanasia is a choice. Rarely the first one, but it is always one, and we have to remember that.

And the CE on VIN has been helpful. I expected Getting Through the Day to be like Getting Through the Night- how to handle regular day stuff, like that one was how to handle regular emergencies. But the first module was how to handle the day stuff we don't think about- communication and taking care of yourself.

I've rambled so long I forgot I was even upset. Thank you for reading :)

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